1953 chevy 53 chevy stardust custom
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clifford 6=8 racing engine


Coming sooooon! Take a pill already, kats! Don't flip your wigs!

(That's the old beast over there... ORIGINAL 235 straight six with cast iron Fenton headers, Clifford cast aluminum intake, Holley 390 4bl Carb, 12 volt conversion. Pretty much set up the way someone with a little time and even less money would have done it in the 50's. No internal mods (yet) except the top end was rebuilt and shaved a hair in 1991. Not sure what that horn is off of, but it's noisy as hell and ain't from a 53 Chevy, that's the fact, jack!

Not really sure what the horses are on this plant. I think original specs showed it at around 120, but with the mods I'm sure it's a little more than that, kat! Still have to get everything tuned right but she roars when you floor it!

For more information on how to get V8 power out of your Straight 6, visit
Clifford Performance:

The first time I saw a set-up like this was at a car show in Pleasantville, NJ when I was about 17. These guys had a couple of late 60's Camaros lined up, and they had 6's with 4 barrels, dual quads, and trip 1's. There was an old Dodge with the same crazy thing going on. I remember laughing at first, saying "Why the hell would anyone put a four barrel Holley on a six?" Of course I didn't let the guys with the cars hear me say that. Then my Dad told me how he used to race a 53 Chevy 2-door at Atco, with the original six, souped up a little. He didn't have the Clifford set-up, just some greaser-rigged whatever-it-was, probably set the distributor ahead to get it to go a little faster. But he told me about the guys that would put combos like that on Dodges, Chevys, Chryslers...even Buick Straight 8's with multiple carbs.

So when I got a little older, and bought this Chevy, I looked into it...low and behold, kids, Clifford was pushing V8 Power out of six bangers all the way back to the 50's. So that's when I decided to go nuts...and of course did it as cheap as I could...found the cast aluminum intake on ebay for $170, got the carb (new) on ebay for $285, got the Fenton headers and duals from National Chevy (http://www.nationalchevyassoc.com), and bought the intake adapter plate direct from Clifford. Believe me when I say I was surprised as hell when it actually started up and ran!

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